The Universidad Privada de Santa Cruz de la Sierra - UPSA is a non-governmental and non-profit institution of higher education. It cultivates the freedom of thought, opinion and expression within the highest standards of entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of excellence. Its fundamental purpose is to develop training, research and extension programs based on the virtuosity and integrity of the human kind, society and nature as a whole. UPSA is an academic community with a broad international network. We reflect the reality of Santa Cruz and Bolivia from various areas of higher education. Our vision is related to the training of high-level professionals with an educational process based on the scientific, technological, educational and cultural cooperation.

We are a university dedicated to training competitive human talent, with an open-minded, entrepreneurial spirit and high level of ethics. We prepare our students to perform in productive and innovative pursuits which expedite an unequivocal transformation in the community through ingenuity, managerial leadership and leading-edge entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to train ambitious individuals, with a global vision, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical sense who promote a categorical transformation in the community through creativeness, managerial leadership.

International university of high quality teaching and research, focused on the attention and academic experience of its future, current and former students. That trains the best professionals in the field and is in live and direct contact with companies and institutions that it permanently serves in their professional and technological needs.

- Academic excellence
- Leadership
- Ethics
- Quality
- Entrepreneurial spirit
- Creativity
- Competitiveness
- Innovation
- Commitment


The main objectives that inspire the academic, scientific and social development of the UPSA are:

  • To train professionals useful to society, with quality, excellence and a high sense of ethics.

  • To raise permanently the academic level towards levels of international competitiveness.

  • To disseminate scientific knowledge with full freedom of thought, critical and analytical sense, oriented to a proper understanding of the phenomena of academic, social and cultural interest.

  • To encourage the creative and entrepreneurial spirit as the basis of authentic leadership allowing the execution of tasks of practical application and collective social benefit.

  • To promote research as the very essence of the educational process which ensures autonomy of progress and improvement in science, technology, art, and the environment.

  • To expand the technological and cultural knowledge to the community through extension programs, upgrade of professionalism, counseling and non-profit technical assistance.

  • To promote mechanisms of social integration, based on the criteria of high-level professional training, developing tasks dedicated to the improvement of living conditions in society.

  • To motivate the study of science, arts, technology, and social phenomena, with dedication and in free pursuit of knowledge.

The UPSA is legally supported by the official recognition of its legal capacity by the Bolivian State, through Supreme Resolution No. 202342, ratified in its capacity as a private university by Supreme Resolutions No. 204873 and 209590 and Supreme Decree No. 23157, which expressly confers the legal faculty to grant Academic Diplomas and determines the procedure to issue the nationally recognized Diplomas.

The Executive Branch recognizes the functioning of the UPSA, in accordance with Article 94 of the State Political Constitution and Education Law No. 070 "Avelino Siñani and Elizardo Pérez".