The School of Engineering began with the degree in Systems Engineering in 1984, the year the University was created, responding to a need for trained professionals in the area of computer sciences. A group of 39 students initiated their studies. Corrado Vallet was Dean of the School of Computer Sciences then and remained in this position until 1989.

In response to demand, the degree of Computer Programmer at the higher technical level was created in 1988, as well as the Academic Department of Engineering.

In 1993 the degrees in Administrative Computer Engineering and Systems Programming at the higher technical level were created. One year later the degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering began its classes, with a strong orientation towards the utilization of computers in the manufacturing and services industries.

The Civil Engineering degree was created in 1995, five years after the Electronic Engineering degree was born. In 2003, the fast growth in telecommunications technology created space for the aperture of the Networks and Telecommunications Engineering degree. In completing the group of degrees in the School, in 2004 Industrial Forestry Engineering and Petroleum and Gas Engineering were created and the first with the support of the Universities of Linkoping in Sweden and Bio Bio in Chile; the second with the participation of professionals and specialists from more than a dozen companies in the Hydrocarbon sector.