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    UPSA has a solid and reliable reputation, built on more than 30 years of experience and based on the quality of professional training that contributes to the development of the country and the region. The careers of the University are supported by routine processes of self-assessment and national and international evaluation.

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    Professors at UPSA are recognized professionals in their fields, with experience in the labor and business market. In addition, they are permanently receiving refresher courses and participate in programs to complete their training with masters and doctoraLcourses, many of them promoted by the UPSA.

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    Because of its entrepreneurial nature - having been born within the Cámara de Industria, Comercio y Servicios – CAINCO (Chamber of Commerce), - the UPSA has developed strong links with the business and institutional community of the country. This strength generates great opportunities for internships and professional practices in companies that are recognized nationally and internationally.

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    UPSA student develops an entrepreneurial character and a spirit of leadership to start their own companies. These characteristics are present throughout the university education, with the development of projects and the participation in business fairs, business accelerator projects, simulators and more.

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    National and international accreditations guarantee the academic quality of the UPSA. Among the most important are those granted by Mercosur, CINDA and RLCU. Throughout its more than 30 years of existence it has updated the curricula of its career path to adapt them to the social and economic changes of the country and the world. It maintains the status of fully accredited university since 2001.

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    Agreements with more than one hundred internationally recognized universities allow students to live the international experience that completes the training in excellence and competitiveness.

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    Offering a support system and academic follow-up to the student. The Department of Student Welfare and Counseling - DABE provides vocational guidance and counselling as well as information assistance for academic performance and job placement.

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    UPSA provides comprehensive training through its cultural extension programms, sport activities and social responsibility with a firm commitment toward society. The U-Rock festival, The Bicu Bicu theater festival, the Copa UPSA and the workshops of literature, poetry, dance, guitar, film and others are well known by the young people and society in general.

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    Education with technological tools, according to the current era. The UPSA Virtual and UPSA Net platforms are tools that facilitate tracking your studies, assignment controls, access to the database and most importantly, total real-time connectivity to personal, academic and administrative information.

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    The Campus has a cozy and functional infrastructure, beautiful green areas and comfortable locations for studying and recreation. The UPSA has more than 40 specialized laboratories, classrooms equipped with educational technology, study rooms, a library, a convention center, sports arena and multi-sport courts, among other facilities.